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Art Exhibit + Workshop at Pinney Library

May 2, 2024
The Ephemerals exhibition by Emily Hoyt-Weber at Pinney Library through June 2024

Pinney Library is welcoming a new artist to their space! 

Artist Emily Hoyt-Weber’s delicate and colorful installation The Ephemerals bridges three alcoves in a central work area at Pinney Library. Inspired by ephemeral native plants, the exhibition hangs concurrently with their rapid changes of emergence and dormancy from March to June.The exhibition is available for viewing during open library hours and is located at 516 Cottage Grove Road.

The Ephemerals frames the color of the sky and the quality of light passing through windows. Modular shapes form a geometric structure of ombre hues that bridges two glass walled study rooms in the central area of Pinney Library, Madison, Wisconsin. The luminous cut and painted paper pieces project subtle light changes throughout the day and over two seasons. “Ephemerals,” describes plants that emerge with temporal blooms at the very end of winter. The installation offers similar focal points of color at a time when they might be needed in this public space.

Attend a celebration for the opening of the exhibit and then get a chance to try out Emily's techniques with a hands-on workshop with the artist. Learn more and sign up below: 

Upcoming Events: 

Art Exhibit Opening: The Ephemerals

May 11, 12-2pm | Pinney Library

Join us for a reception from Noon-2pm welcoming artist Emily Hoyt-Weber. Learn about her process and view her exhibit titled The Ephemerals, installed at Pinney Library through June 2024.

No registration needed

Hands-On Workshop with Emily

May 14, 5:30-8:30pm | Pinney Library

Join a hands on workshop to learn more about Emily's practice and try out techniques yourself. Design and assemble a sculpture with colorful transparent paper that will hang in your window and interact with the natural light. While you make, learn about contemporary artists that use modularity, line, color, and light to create impactful sculptures and installations with very few materials. 

This 3-hour workshop is ideal for adults and older teens 16+.  Space is limited and registration is required, open on April 30, 2024.

Meet the Artist

Emily Hoyt-Weber is the exhibiting artist at Pinney Library from May-June 2024 for her installation The EphemeralsEmily Hoyt-Weber is a Madison, Wisconsin based artist who works with landscape and 3d forms to create perceptual experiences. Raised in the Central Valley in California she received her BA in Art and Literature from Humboldt State University and her MFA from Mills College in 2011. She has taught at Mills College, The Contemporary Art School in Austin, TX and Coastal Bend College in South Texas. Her work has been written about in Aether Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Sightlines, and The Austin Chronicle. In 2017, she received a public art grant in Austin, TX to realize her work Double Arch, a large-scale sculpture attached to a pollinator garden. Her work is in collections in Austin, Dallas, and San Francisco. She was awarded a community initiative grant from the city of Austin, and a Herringer Foundation award in Oakland, CA.

Find more at: www.ehoytweber.com | Instagram