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Vive la France

Cover of Bruno, Chief of Police
A review of Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker

This is really a plug for this whole wonderful series set in the south of France. Bruno is the first mystery and you do really need to start there for the full flavor and to get to know the recurring characters who surround Bruno Courreges, Chief of police in St. Denis. Set in the late twentieth century, it emphasizes that the French have long memories. That what happened during the war and after has long aftereffects that sometimes show up in surprising ways. And since they are set in France, there are of course, descriptions of the food and the wine…enough to make your mouth water. Detailed, interesting stories but not for those who want quick resolution. Like life, that takes time.

The second book is The Dark Vineyard, third (which I have just finished and what made me write this review) is Black Diamond.  I am looking forward to reading the next one.

Oct 2, 2019