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Those who are lost

Cover of Sisters of the Lost Nation
A review of Sisters of the Lost Nation by Nick Medina

In his debut novel Nick Medina blends mystery, suspense and a touch of supernatural horror in a story that focuses on the disappearance of indigenous women. At the heart of the story is Anna Horn who is finishing high school and trying to figure out her place on the rez and in her tribe. While grappling with her own struggles, and feeling haunted by a entity of ancient myth, Anna is forced to reckon with a larger battle. Women on the reservation are going missing and no one seems to care. It becomes personal, and more immediate, when two women in Anna's life are lost. As she hunts for clues about the missing women, Anna finds that there are far larger forces at work who will do anything to keep their secrets.

This thriller is certainly gripping enough to have you avidly turning pages and staying up too late reading. I'd recommend it to you for that alone. But it's also a beautiful, immersive exploration of identity and community and how the two can intertwine; to good and ill effect. I think we'll be seeing much more from this author in the future.

Mar 28, 2023