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Reading getaways

Cover of Escapist Fiction
Escapist Fiction

Every January (like many people who fear failure), I set an easily achievable reading goal in a popular book tracking app. Then, I read. Sometimes I read a lot. Sometimes I go weeks without picking up a book. Sometimes, now that I’m older, I start a book and decide not to finish it. Sometimes I read books that prompt me to examine the way I live my life, to learn about the ways other lives are lived, to acknowledge the ways I use my power to the advantage of people I love.

Sometimes, though, I read for the pleasure of leaving this world behind for another. If this last reason appeals to you and you want to get away? Try one of these:

Thrilling, Fun, Uplifting
The Voting Booth (Overdrive) by Brandy Colbert

Hilarious, Real, Sweet
Get a Life, Chloe Brown (Overdrive) and Take a Hint, Dani Brown (Overdrive) by Talia Hibbert

Glamorous, Romantic, Fun
Something to Talk About (Overdrive) by Meryl Wilsner

Witty Banter, Family, Strong Lead
The Trouble with Hating You (Overdrive) by Sajni Patel

Dramatic, Tender, Gossip
You Had Me at Hola (Overdrive)by Alexis Daria

Nov 23, 2020