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Playground of horrors

Cover of ANIMUS
A review of ANIMUS by Antoine Revoy

Looking for something that will scare your socks off? 

Kids are going missing from a Kyoto playground and the reader experiences two almost-abductions in the very first chapter. There is a terrifying poltergeist at work and the missing persons detectives have their work cut out for them. But it just doesn't add up. A serial killer accused of similar crimes has been incarcerated for many years and a copycat killer doesn't ring true. The two kids who were almost abducted can't stay away from the playground and continue to have contact with the animus. They resolve to exorcise the demon or gently put him to rest, by any means necessary.

This graphic novel explores the fears that lie deep within us. Monsters. Snakes. Aging. The unknown pulling us to the underworld. It's up to the kids who are most at risk to solve the secrets of the playground that eats souls alive. This is the stuff nightmares are made of - for the characters and the reader.

Jan 2, 2019