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Perfectly imperfect

Cover of The Perfect Match
A review of The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins

Honor Holland thinks she's about to have the best night of her life. She's decided to propose to her lover, Brogan, and finally make their relationship official. Problem is, Brogan has always considered Honor to be a 'friend with benefits' rather then a true romantic partner. And to add serious insult to injury, after crying on her best friend's shoulder, Honor finds out that that same best friend is who Brogan plans to marry. Honor is not only devastated, she's also a little desperate. She's 35 years old and truly wants a family. Now that her only marriage prospect has fallen through, she's at a loss. A fix-up arranged by her grandmother leads the always responsible Honor into the first entirely reckless decision of her life.

The fix-up is Tom Barlow who helps Honor out of a jam. Honor and Tom do not click at their first meeting, but when she learns that the handsome, British professor needs a green card, Honor makes the leap and agrees to marry him so that he can stay in the US. Tom needs to stay in the states so that he can keep an eye on his almost-stepson, a troubled teen who is still reeling from the death of his mother. As Tom and Honor get to know each other, the connection is made. It's so easy to dive into the books of Ms. Higgins because she writes with such heart. Her characters are drawn with warmth and fondness, but are given enough edge to keep the sweetness factor at bay. This is book two in the Blue Heron series (The Best Man was first) so if you want to start at the beginning you can do so and books one and two are available on Overdrive.

Jul 13, 2020