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In a perfect world...?

Cover of Scythe
A review of Scythe by Neal Shusterman

This book is an interesting view on immortality and complete harmony. Centuries into the future, anything that brought despair has been eliminated - government, war, illness, famine, etc. This leaves life almost limitless. The only people who can kill are in the Scythe Legion. Offending a Scythe leads to certain death. However, the main character, Citra, is taken to be an apprentice Scythe. This novel creates a very realistic world, if the world was a perfect, idealistic, utopia. But the author also shows the dark underbelly of the earth's unchecked power of the Scythes - showing multiple different views of characters. This book also does a fantastic job explaining and exploring the rich variety of magic and technology.

Reviewed by Ben'ja Kennedy, Teen Reviewer

Jul 20, 2018