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Vogue Magazine Cover
Newly Added Magazines

Wisconsin's Digital Library just got bigger. There are now 300 magazine titles that have been added for you to check out from home. They range from popular and venerable (Us Weekly, The New Yorker, National Geographic, Cooks Illustrated) to the obscure (Cricket Skills and Secrets). The magazines include current issues and back issues. Once you check one out, you can navigate through the magazines with the usual features that are available to ebooks, such as chapter headings, zoom features, and bookmarks.

Like regular materials, you can opt for either 7, 14 or 21 day loan periods. And the really exciting extra news? Magazines DO NOT count against the max 10 items you can have checked out at one time. These magazines are also always available--no hold lists!

But wait there's more! There are also magazines for the kids. The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft, National Geographic Kids, Dot, and Anorak are just some of the titles you can find when you click on the Filter dropdown and then choose "Juvenile" under Audience.

There's good reading to be found for all - something that will come in handy on this bitterly cold weekend.


Feb 12, 2021