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Moving on

Cover of Yard Sale
A review of Yard Sale by Eve Bunting

Sometimes a yard sale can mean discovering marvelous treasures, fun times with parents or loved ones, or simply a summer day activity. But for Callie, the young protagonist in Yard Sale by Eve Bunting, it means that she has to give away all of her beloved things and move to a small apartment. Callie watches as a lady buys her bed “with crayon marks on it” and sees a man loading up her favorite red bike onto his truck. In Callie, we see (and feel) the heartache of leaving behind the much-loved and the familiar. This would be a great book for any child struggling with moving, changing schools, or needing to adapt to a new place or environment. For other wonderful reads by Eve Bunting, try Flower Garden, One Green Apple, Little Bear’s Little Boat, and Sunflower House.

Aug 9, 2019