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Many somethings to look forward to

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2019 Crime Titles

2018 is done and all the "best of" lists (or most) for books published last year have been created and shared with the world. So what now? How will you know what to read next now that you've finished all of the best of 2018? Well the CrimeReads website can help you fill the void. They've just created a selection of crime fiction books to look forward to in 2019 (Part 1 - which means there will be a part 2 to come, woohoo!) and you can get started on a whole new list of books that you desperately want/plan to read. It's a pretty phenomenal list and I've already placed holds on a few of the titles*** that the library has already purchased and noted others to look for throughout the coming year. So have at it! Get yourself geared up and perhaps discover the books that will end up on your "best of" list at the end of this year.

***Note: Many titles are too far out from their publication date to have been purchased yet for the library, so don't panic if you don't see them in LINKcat just yet.

Jan 10, 2019