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Cover of My Parents Won't Stop Talk
A review of My Parents Won't Stop Talking by Emma Hunsinger and Tillie Walden

Molly is going to the park with her 2 moms and little brother Seth. Molly loves the park!! It’s pretty much her favorite place to go. Her excitement builds as she starts listing a few of the things she can’t wait to do once they get there. As they leave the house Molly is stopped dead in her tracks. Her neighbors the Credenzas have spotted her moms and now they are all going to start talking!! AHHH! This clever picture books is oh so relatable for any parent of a 3-6 year old. A 5 minute conversation with the neighbors can feel like an hours long ride on the boring train for little Molly. There are laughs to be found at each turn of the page both in the art and writing of this effort by the comic duo Emma Hunsinger and Tillie Walden. Will Molly’s parents ever stop talking!?? Pick up this picture book and find out.

--reviewed by Andres T.

Mar 10, 2023