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Gloomies, like Goonies, but not exactly

Cover of Misfit City Vol. 1
A review of Misfit City Vol. 1 by Kirsten Smith

This graphic novel series is set in Cannon Cove, where a popular adventure movie called The Gloomies was filmed in the 1980s. Decades later, fans of the movie continue to visit and annoy the residents who cater to the tourism with mild resentment. Then a cool group of teen "misfits" who begrudgingly live in the sleepy coastal town discover something unexpected, mysterious and adventurous: a pirate map belonging to the legendary Black Mary!

Wilder, Macy, Dot, Karma and Ed get into numerous scrapes while racing through Cannon Cove in search of clues to decode the map that will lead them to Black Mary's secret treasure. There are a variety of obstacles to their adventuring including a pair of meddling heirs who think the pirate map and subsequent treasure belong to them, band practice, an oyster shucking festival, a séance and a run-in with the police. It's all good fun!

Will the Misfits use the local library to help solve the puzzles of the pirate map? Will Wilder's band get discovered? Will they find the treasure? The answers to these and more are found within the pages of Misfit City, Volumes 1 and 2.

Misfit City Volume 2 concludes the series.

Apr 23, 2018