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Everyone wants to delay the moment

Cover of I Just Want to Say Goodnig
A review of I Just Want to Say Goodnight by Rachel Isadora

“On the African veld, there is a village. As the sun sets, parents tell their children, ‘It is time for bed.’” I Just Want to Say Good Night is a universal story of childhood. While Rachel Isadora’s beautiful oil paint illustrations transport children to a far away African landscape, all the cheeky little ways Lala employs to stay up just a little bit longer will feel wholly familiar. I can imagine my own three-year-old in central Wisconsin saying… “I just want to say goodnight to the little ants” or "Yes. Yes. I am coming. I just want to say goodnight to the rock," as I stand and wait like Lala’s mama, trying not to crack a smile. This amazing book is a feast for your eyes and guarantees to keep you and your little one smiling and giggling through your whole night time routine.

Jun 30, 2023