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Each day has its own magic

Cover of On My Papa's Shoulders
A review of On My Papa's Shoulders by Niki Daly

I’m not crying, you’re crying. It definitely was not me sitting at the reference desk crying happy, joyful tears while reading this book. You must be thinking of a different children’s librarian. This is a book about walking to school, easy peasy, how can that be a tear jerker?? But the simple love the little boy in this book has for his mama, his Gogo (grandma), his Tata (grandpa),and the small but meaningful differences in each walk will warm your heart. But the days he loves best are when his Papa takes him to school. “When he lifts me on his shoulders, I’m as high as a cloud and can see the whole world!” And the sun rises over the buildings, and everything looks just a little bit brighter. This book celebrates the love between a little boy and his dad so simply and elegantly, it’s no wonder it was named a Charlotte Zolotow Award Honor Book for excellence in writing for children’s picture books this year…. And no wonder it might just tweak your heartstrings exactly the right way.

Apr 19, 2023