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Mini Decorative Lights with Elias Mittelstadt

Jul 8, 2024
Mini Decorative Lights with Elias Mittelstadt August 29

Dive into the world of creativity this August with Lakeview's Artist-in-Residence, Elias Mittelstadt! Join Elias for an illuminating workshop where you'll explore the magic of LEDs and craft your very own mini battery-powered decorative light. 

Space is limited for this event; registration is required. Registration opens August 15, 2024. Please click the button below or call (608) 246-4547 to register.

This event is intended for adults ages 18+. 


Elias Mittelstadt is a designer and artist based in Madison, WI. His practice is inspired by technology, nature, history, and cartography and utilizes 3D printing, digital design, and found objects. In addition to his practice, he assists local artists and specializes in CAD and technical drawings for products. Elias has created courses, workshops, and programming for people of all ages and enjoys teaching new skills and seeing the diversity of creative expression when people are given the same prompts and materials.