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Outerlibrary Loan Instructions

Help for Outerlibrary Loan Request Form

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Your Name: Enter your full name.

Your Street or City Department Address: Enter your street address or, if you are a City employee, enter your department address and we'll deliver the item to you at work.

Your City, State, Zip: Enter your city, state, and zip code. You must be a Madison Public Library patron in order to request materials.

Your Email Address: Enter your email address if you have one

Your Library Card Number: Enter your complete barcode (14 digits). Do not include any spaces or punctuation in the barcode.

Pickup Location: Please choose the library at which you'd like to pick up this item or, if you are a City employee, indicate if you wish to receive the item at your workplace. If you wish to pick materials up at a location outside of Madison, please start your request at that library.

Need By: Use the pull down box to choose a "need-by" time. If you do not need this item by a specific time, leave this field set to "None".

Title: Enter the title of the item being requested. When requesting articles, enter the magazine, journal, or newspaper title here, and enter the article title in the "Article title" field.

Author: Enter the name of the author, artist, or composer of the item being requested.

Publisher Enter the publisher of the item being requested.

Date: Enter the year the item being requested was published.

Edition: Choose whether you will accept any edition, only the specified edition, or any newer edition.

Type of Media: Choose the type of media you would like for this item. If more than one type of media is acceptable, please list additional acceptable formats in the "Additonal Comments" field. If you choose "Other", please explain this in the "Additional Comments" field.

Volume: Enter the magazine/journal volume.

Issue: Enter the magazine/journal issue number.

Date: Enter the date the article was published.

Pages: Enter the page or pages of the article.

Article title: Enter the title of the specific article being requested. If you are unsure of the exact title, the general subject of the article may be enough information if the date and volume information are provided.

Article author: Enter the name of the author of the article being requested.

ISSN, ISBN, or OCLC Number: If you have verified this item, enter one or more of these identifying numbers if you have it.

Additonal Comments: Enter any additional information or clarification that might help to process this request. You can cut and paste basic bibliographic information here. If you would be willing to accept a portion of an item (chapter, poem, essay, etc.), please indicate that in this field.