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Living History Project

Madison Living History ProjectThe Living History Project is a community history initiative that focuses on gathering and preserving stories from Madison's recent past through audio story gatherings and longer history interviews. 

At this time, most of the digital collections are place-based, relating to specific neighborhoods like South Madison and historic Greenbush, or specific buildings or spaces such as the Madison Municipal Building and Tenney Park. 

The Madison Living History Project was created in part to support the efforts of the City of Madison Planning Department’s Historic Preservation Plan. Initially, the Madison Living History Project will prioritize place-based or neighborhood stories with a view to expand to additional topics and themes.

The Madison Living History Project is made possible with support from Marvin J. Levy and the Madison Public Library Foundation.

Projects & Initiatives

East Washington Avenue in the 1960sCurrent projects include a story gathering at Greek Fest at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church on East Washington Ave. and digitizing a large collection of audio interviews from audiocassettes that were donated by Historic Madison, Inc. 

Upcoming efforts include supporting the Bayview/Triangle history initiative and adding new interviews to the digital History Project. 


To date, fifty volunteers support the project by working at story gatherings, transcribing interviews and digitizing audio cassettes.

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For more information about Local History resources and initiatives, please contact Laura Damon-Moore.