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The Washington Post

Madison Public Library is proud to bring you FREE access to The Washington Post. The Washington Post is considered a “newspaper of record” which means it is dedicated to accountability and accuracy in reporting and provides a national view of current events. It is considered to be among the most influential American newspapers alongside The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Our new subscription features all the content you demand and gives it to you in a convenient format, for free!

  • Expert reporting and analysis from Washington and around the world, including award-winning investigative coverage and editorial commentary.
  • Real-time Q&A Discussions providing a behind the scenes look at key stories.
  • Live-streaming of Washington Post Live events, where top-level government and business leaders, emerging voices, and newsmakers discuss the most pressing national and global issues of the day.
  • Access to extra features like Obituaries, Lifestyle and Food, Crosswords and Historical Archives.

How to Log In:

The Washington Post provides on-the-go access to its content.

Automatically access all The Washington Post newspaper has to offer using a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, by using this link and select an email and password for continuous 7 day access. After the 7 days are up, just log in again using the same email and password and a new 7 day session starts again.

This resource is available remotely to users with Madison Public Library as their home library. After using our link, you can create a free account for short term access. Use our link again as needed.


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