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NoveList is your personal guide to deciding what to read next. Try it out - search by author, title, series or plot. In addition to the reviews of over 200,000+ fiction titles, you’ll also find lists of award-winning books, discussion guides, and recommended reads. You can also create a personal reading list and place holds directly in LINKcat.

How do I conduct a search?

There are two search options: Basic and Advanced.

  • For a Basic search:
    Type a word(s) into the search box and click a radio button to limit your search.
  • For an Advanced search:
    Click the Advanced Search tab above the Basic Search box, type a word(s) in one or more of the search boxes. Make sure you check or uncheck the Document Types boxes to limit your search. If you scroll down, you’ll be able to limit your search even further. Hit the Search button at the bottom of the page.

Learn how to find books with diverse characters using this guide from NoveList.

How do I save, e-mail or print searches? Can I also be alerted to searches I'm interested in?

In NoveList, you can set up a personal account to save searches, retrieve and reuse them, and print them as needed. That way you’ll have access to books you want to read or those you’ve enjoyed in the past. You can also have NoveList alert you by e-mail or set us an RSS feed with new results.

Sign up for this free feature by going to Sign In at the top of any NoveList page.

Then, when you find a search you want to save, click on Add Search to Folder or Create Alert for this Search or Quick Print in the yellow Refine Search section of the page.

Your searches can be retrieved from the My Folders and Alertsfeature on the right hand side of the NoveList main page.

This resource is available remotely to all cardholders of any South Central Library System member library and in-library at all member libraries.


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