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Morningstar Investment Research Center

Morningstar, Inc. is the premier source of unbiased information for thousands of mutual funds; the company is also a respected source of information on stocks.  Morningstar Investment Research Center provides complete reports for approximately 2,000 funds and 1,000 stocks.  Quicktake Reports, which include portfolio, risk, performance, and management information, are available for approximately 13,000 funds and 8,000 stocks.  Snapshot information is available for thousands of other funds and stocks.  Overall, information for over 100,000 investment offerings is available.

Morningstar, Inc. issues reports twice a month on a five-month schedule.  Each fund is rated once every five months.  All pricing is current information, and ratings and risk information are updated daily.

This resource is available remotely to cardholders with a subscribing library as their home library and in-library at all subscribing libraries.


Have a question? Contact our Reference Department by phone at 608-266-6300 or by email.