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Nonfiction for Early Elementary Readers

Lots to learn and share with young readers!

Cover of Beehive

Jorey Hurley’s beautiful illustrations and sparse text (one word per double page spread) will delight little ones.  An author’s note at the end gives a bit more detail for caregivers to share as you read together.

Cover of The People Remember
Loveis Wise

Beginning with the Transatlantic Slave Trade and continuing through the Movement for Black Lives, Zoboi’s lyrical free verse and Wise’s gorgeous illustrations recount the lives, trials and success of African American people.  All connected to the seven principles of Kwanzaa. 

Cover of Butterfly for a King: Savi
Susan Roth and Cindy

The book begins with a brief explanation of how the Hawiian islands were formed, and of Kamehameha becoming their great leader.  It then jumps ahead to 2009, when a group of students worked to have the Kamehameha Butterfly named the state insect.  And then how the students, citizens and scientists worked to save the butterfly that lives only in Hawaii. Beautiful illustrations and an afterward with facts and photos.

Cover of Muslim Girls Rise: Inspira
Aailya Jaleel

A compilation book featuring 19 strong modern women. Each person is featured in a double page spread, with a bright illustration of her doing her work (in a school, on a movie set, playing sports) and a paragraph talking about how her childhood interests led to her work today.

Cover of Our Skin: A First Conversa
Megan Madison and
Jessica Ralli
Isabel Roxas

The book begins by asking readers to look at their skin and the skin of those in their family.  It gives a scientific explanation of melanin and then begins to talk about race and racism. The authors use direct, child appropriate language to discuss many topics. A “Continue the Conversation” section offers advice for caregivers. Also available as a board book. Part of the “First Conversations” series. 

Cover of Being You: A First Convers
Megan Madison and
Jessica Ralli
Anne/Andy Passchier

A gentle and interactive introduction to gender, sex, self-expression, and feminism.

Cover of The Road to Rice

Part of a new series that also includes tea, sugar and salt. In each book, the narrator has a food truck and runs out of a key ingredient, and takes readers around the world to see how the item is grown and makes it’s way to us. Photographs as well as illustrations. A fun way to learn about our place in global food production, and about how rice is enjoyed around the world.

Cover of My Life with Blindness
Isabel Muñoz

Kadence tells readers a bit about her life, her school, her friends and, her blindness. Told in a child friendly, straightforward manner. Part of a series that also includes, My Life with ADHD, My Life with Autism, My Life with Deafness, My Life with Down Syndrome, and My Life with Dyslexia.

Cover of The ABCs of Black History
Lauren Semmer

A journey through a broad range of Black experiences. With rhymes and folk art-like illustrations Black history and contemporary life are celebrated.

Cover of Butterflies Are Pretty...G
Jacob Souva

A monarch butterfly narrator leads the reader through the fascinating and sometimes rather gross world of butterflies.

Cover of Mars! Earthlings Welcome
Stevie Lewis

Mars invites readers to come visit and give us so many fun facts (Mars has two moons and the largest volcano in the solar system to name a couple) that a visit does sound pretty good.

Cover of Summertime Sleepers: Anima
Sarah S. Brannen

You probably know about animals that hibernate during the winter. But do you know about animals that estivate during warm weather?