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Mental Health Books for Teens and YA Readers

A mix of non-fiction and YA fiction books about mental health issues.

Non-fiction Titles

Cover of Anxiety . . . I'm So Done

Learn to build trust in your skills and abilities so you can create your own life instead of being a passive recipient of it. Learn how to get rid of anxiety, let go of perfectionism, and experience lasting happiness.

Cover of Shout
Laurie Halse

Inspired by her fans and enraged by how little in culture has changed since her groundbreaking novel "Speak" was first published in 1999, bestselling author Anderson presents a searing poetic memoir in which she shares reflections, rants, and calls to action woven between deeply personal stories from her life that she's never written about before.

Cover of Skate For Your Life

In this moving, personal story, professional skateboarder Leo Baker shares their journey within the sport and the importance of authenticity and allyship as a non-binary athlete.

Cover of Your Amazing Teen Brain: C

Find fun and easy "brain hacks" grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and neuroscience to help them make the most of their growing minds, manage difficult emotions, build better relationships, and face all the challenges of growing up.

Cover of The Resilient Teen: 10 Key

This offers ten key skills to help readers bounce back from difficult situations, deal with difficult emotions, and cultivate a sense of joy, even in the face of modern-day stressors.

Cover of Find Your Fierce: How to P

This book uses evidence-based skills from cognitive behavioral therapy to give teens a toolkit to help kids overcome their anxiety and move toward becoming their bravest, fiercest selves.

Fiction Titles

Cover of Vinyl Moon
Mahogany L.

A teen girl reeling from the scars of a past relationship finds healing and hope in the words of strong Black writers and the new community she builds in Brooklyn, New York.

Cover of Yolk
Mary H.K.

Struggling with emotional problems and an eating disorder, Jayne, a Korean American college student living in New York City, is estranged from her accomplished older sister June, until June gets cancer.

Cover of Icebreaker

This is about two hockey players fighting to be the best--and the romance that catches them by surprise along the way.

Cover of Piece By Piece: The Story

Nisrin will have to rely on faith, friends, and family to help her recover after she is the target of a hate crime

Cover of The Wide Starlight

Eli was six when her mother disappeared off a frozen fjord in Norway under the Northern Lights and now, at age sixteen, she returns, determined to discover what really happened.

Cover of Tonight We Rule the World

Owen and Lily have spent years navigating first love and amassing an inseparable friend group. But all of it is upended one day when his school's administration learns Owen's secret: that he was sexually assaulted by a classmate.Heartbreaking and hopeful, this is a coming-of-age story that explores how we rebuild after the world comes crumbling down.

Cover of All My Rage

A family extending from Pakistan to California, deals with generations of young love, old regrets, and forgiveness.

Cover of When We Make It

Sarai uses verse to navigate the strain of family traumas and the systemic pressures of toxic masculinity and housing insecurity in a rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn, questioning the society around her, her Boricua identity, and the life she lives

Cover of Boys of the Beast

Three teenage boy cousins on a road trip through California and the Southwest come to terms with truths about their families and themselves.