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Great Picture Books for Preschoolers and Family Reading

Great picture books for kids and families to enjoy! 

Cover of Beneath

Finn is having a horrible day. “Grandpa wanted to talk about it. Finn did not.”  Finn is sure Grandpa won’t understand.  Grandpa does convince Finn to go for a walk. As they walk, they think about all the things that are beneath.  Beneath the water, there are fish, beneath the bird is an egg, beneath actions are explanations.  Maybe beneath someone who looks like they won’t understand is someone who does?

Cover of Something, Someday
Christian Robinson

Have you ever been told that the problem is too big or that you are too small?  The delightful collage illustrations in this book help us watch as a young boy doesn’t let the naysayers stop him from making a difference in his community.  The hopeful message of this book should inspire us all.

Cover of I'm From
Gary R.
Gray Jr.
Oge Mora

Where are you from?  The answer may not be a point on a map.  Maybe it is the people you love, the places you go, the things you do, that make you who you are and where you are from?  Beautiful collage illustrations and powerful text will have readers thinking about where they are from for a long time.

Cover of Remember
Michaela Goade

A beautifully illustrated adaptation of Joy Harjo’s poem.  Readers are invited to look back on their ancestors and the stories that have been passed from generation to generation.  A celebration of the past and inspiration for the future.

Cover of Mama Shamsi at the Bazaar
Mojdeh Hassani &
Samira Iravani
Maya Fidawi

A little girl is accompanying her grandmother to the bazaar for the very first time.  Samira is excited, but as they get closer, she gets a bit nervous.  Samira asks if she can hide under her grandmother’s chador.  Mama Shamsi reassures her in fun and playful ways. 

Cover of My Powerful Hair
Steph Littlebird

An Indigenous girl explains why she is excited to let her hair grow long.  How the power, resilience and joy of her people are woven into her hair.  With an author’s note and a short glossary of Ojibwe words.

Cover of Plátanos Go With Everythi
Sara Palacios

Yesenia, helps Mami prepare food in the kitchen and asks, “Why do Dominicans love plátanos so much?” Mami explains that plátanos, help their family feel connected to their homeland and to each other.  The only problem with this book is that it will leave you wanting some yummy Dominican food yourself.

Cover of Grandpa Is Here!
Chuck Groenink

A young girl is so excited that her grandfather is coming to visit from far away.  Even though he speaks Farsi and she speaks English, they have grand adventures.  But the child begins to feel sad that Grandpa cannot stay to see everything she wants to show me.  A sweet story about families spread across the globe.

Cover of Every Body: A Celebration

Kids with varied abilities demonstrate the many ways they communicate, learn, and have fun.  Shelley Rotner’s bright, colorful photographs make this an upbeat introduction to celebrating all people and abilities.  There is backmatter introducing readers to people advocating for disability rights and inclusion as well a glossary.

Cover of Rainbow Shopping

A young girl and her mother go shopping for ingredients to prepare a meal for the whole family.  They don’t get everything they want, but they still they make a delicious dinner.  Some of the joys and struggles of immigrants.