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Funny Picture Books for Kids

Share a good laugh with these books!

Cover of How to Talk Like a Bear
Alex G. Griffiths

You will have a grrreat time learning to talk like a bear.  While things like the ROAR-O-METER will have you laughing along with a friendly bear, this is also a fun way to introduce the idea of being a clear communicator. Just don’t read in a place where you have to be quiet.

Cover of Watch Out For the Lion!
Anna Süssbauer

You probably know how to spot a lion, right?  Bristly tail, curvy claws, ferocious fangs . . . Be very careful and don’t say I didn’t warn you, there is a lion hiding in the book.  Entering the jungle has never been so much fun.

Cover of The Princess and the (Gree

Have you ever imagined a mash up of The Princess and the Pea and I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly? Me neither, nevertheless, here it is!  A little pea wakes up and is very hungry.  He eats and eats and then takes a nap.  Along comes a princess.  Everyone will have fun singing along.

Cover of 100 Mighty Dragons All Nam
Lian Cho

Anyone can make a counting book that goes 1, 2, 3.  How about a counting book that starts at 100, goes to 50, then 40, then 38, to 34 to 22?  Count along with some friendly and slightly unusual dragons, three of whom board “a bus to Wisconsin to play football for the Green Bay Packers.”

Cover of Mister Kitty is Lost!

A girl and her dog are searching for Mister Kitty - can you help them find him?  Just be careful, there are a few surprises along the way.  A silly countdown that will have little one guessing and laughing all the way through.

Cover of The King Penguin

Percival Penguin is a king penguin and he makes the rules. Not everyone likes that.  Some even try to EAT him!  With the help of emperor penguin, Percival and all the other penguins, decide everyone is happier when they make decisions together as a colony. 

Cover of How to Count to One (And D
Matt Hunt

A counting book that tells you not to count?  Yep!  It starts with one red apple, then one gray elephant, then two blue whales - but wait, you are not supposed to count the whales on the page, but count the number of sausages on the page.  Not counting may be more of a challenge than counting, do you think that could be the point?

Cover of Very Good Hats
Blanca Gómez

Tortellini, pajama bottoms, pudding cups, cats - did you know they can all be hats?  This fun, creative book will have you looking at everything as a potential hat.  The colorful collage illustrations are as much fun as the text.

Cover of Problem Solved!

Rabbit has a problem, her room is a mess.  Surprise, Porcupine Pete, the problem solving porcupine  is there to help!  Pete picks up all of Rabbit’s shirts, carefully folds them, and feeds them to the goldfish.  Now Rabbit really has a problem.  Will it get solved?

Cover of What If I'm Not a Cat?
Kelly Collier

Donkey knows he is a cat because Farmer says so.  But suddenly he is not so sure.  Confused, Donkey sadly leaves the warm barn for the cold, rainy pasture.  But when danger approaches, Donkey saves the day and embraces his true self and reveals his true identity—Don-kitty!