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Funny Books for Middle Grade and YA Readers

Get ready to LOL!

In this booklist:

Middle Grade Titles

Cover of Bad Sister
Charise Mericle
Rory Lucey

This middle grade graphic memoir follows a young girl who undergoes a crisis of conscience, realizing that she is a "bad sister."

Cover of Bhai For Now

This is the story of two long-lost brothers who, while they might not like each other, just might need each other. Bhai for Now is by turns heartwarming and hilarious, and with an unforgettable Muslim family and friendship story at its core.

Cover of The First Cat in Space Ate
Shawn Harris

Rats are eating the MOON! The only hero is a bioengineered cat who will be blasted into space! Accompanied by the imperious Moon Queen and LOZ 4000, a toenail clipping robot, the First Cat in Space journeys across a fantastic lunar landscape in a quest to save the world. Will these unlikely heroes save the moon in time?

Cover of It's the End of the World
Justin A.

When the electricity goes out, twelve-year-old Eddie and his friends set out to investigate what is going on when they make the startling discovery that they are the only ones left in their neighborhood--and perhaps the only people left anywhere.

Cover of Leon the Extraordinary
Jamar Nicholas

Leon is an ordinary kid who becomes extraordinary when he fights a supervillain to save his school! 

Cover of Not Starring Zadie Louise

With her mom's job and theater on the line, Zadie is determined to help make their show Spinderella the hit of the season--that is unless she accidentally turns it into a disaster.

Cover of The Real Riley Mayes

Fifth grade is just not Riley's vibe. Everyone else is squaded up-except Riley. Her best friend moved away and all she wants to do is draw, and her grades show it. Funny and full of heart, this is a story about friendship, identity, and embracing all the parts of yourself that make you special.

Cover of Squished
Megan Wagner
Michelle Mee Nutter

Eleven-year-old Avery Lee loves living in Hickory Valley, Maryland. She loves her neighborhood, school, and the end-of-summer fair she always goes to with her two best friends. But she's tired of feeling squished by her six siblings! They're noisy and chaotic and the younger kids love her a little too much. All Avery wants is her own room -- her own space to be alone and make art.

Cover of The Superteacher Project

Oliver and Nathan, determined to get to the bottom of their new homeroom teacher's fishy behavior, discover Mr. Aidact is actually an AI robot from a secret experimental program.

Cover of Wow in the World: What in
Mindy Thomas and
Guy Raz
Dave Coleman

Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz, hosts of the #1 children's podcast Wow in the World, are here with 250 of the most bonkerballs facts on Earth, covering topics such as animals, architecture, inventions, food, space, dinosaurs, and more!


YA Titles

Cover of Americanized: Rebel Withou

In San Jose, California, in the 1990s, teenaged Sara keeps a diary of life as an Iranian American and her discovery that she and her family entered as undocumented immigrants.

Cover of Azar on Fire

Finding her voice takes on a whole new meaning when fourteen-year-old Azar Rossi sets out to win her local Battle of the Bands contest. 

Cover of It's Trevor Noah: Born a C

Trevor Noah shares his personal story and the injustices he faced while growing up half black, half white in South Africa under and after apartheid.

Cover of The Color of Magic

In this first voyage through Terry Pratchett's divinely and recognizably twisted alternate dimension, the well-meaning but remarkably inept wizard Rincewind encounters something hitherto unknown in the Discworld: a tourist! Twoflower has arrived, Luggage by his side, to take in the sights and, unfortunately, has cast his lot with a most inappropriate tour guide.

Cover of Huda F Are You?

Huda and her family have moved to Dearborn, MI, where there’s an established Muslim community.  Huda is relieved to no longer be the only girl wearing a hijab in school but as a freshman, she wants to find where she belongs. She tries different identities with little results but always delivers wry, self-deprecating observations. This is a semi-autobiographical graphic novel with an expressive cartoony style.

Cover of Simone Breaks All the Rule

Simone Thibodeaux is about to switch things up. Her Haitian immigrant parents send Simone to an all-girls high school and enforce strict no-dating rules. As for prom? Simone is allowed to go on one condition: Her parents will select her date. Simone is desperate to avoid the setup, especially since she has a serious crush on another boy. It's time to take action. Simone and her fellow late-bloomer friends make a senior year bucket list of all the wild things they haven't done yet. As the list takes on a life of its own, things get much messier than Simone expected.

Cover of Spell Bound

Rival teenage apprentice sorcerers, Rook and Sun, must team up to save their teachers or risk losing their magic forever.

Cover of Strangers Assume My Girlfr

With his signature acerbic wit and hilarious voice, Shane Burcaw delivers another collection of evocative and humor-infused essays about living with a disability in an able-bodied world.

Cover of Well, That Was Unexpected
Jesse Q.

Sharlot Citra is whisked from Los Angeles to her mother's native Indonesia, where she finds herself fake dating the son of one of the wealthiest families in Indonesia, and she is surprised when she actually starts to fall in love with the boy, the country, and the big family she never knew before.

Cover of Will Grayson, Will Grayson
John Green and
David Levithan

When two teens, one gay and one straight, meet accidentally and discover that they share the same name, their lives become intertwined as one begins dating the other's best friend, who produces a play revealing his relationship with them both..