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Elephant and Piggie Read-Alikes for New Readers

Discover new characters and stories to laugh and be silly with!

Cover of Drive It! Fix It!
Larry Dane
Kaylani Juanita

Ace has built her own go-kart, but when she is ready for a test run it will not start, and she has to figure out what part is missing--and then in the middle of the race something else goes wrong.

Cover of I’m Ogre It

Izzie and her new friend, an Ogre named Tim, plan an obstacle course to lure her brother Ollie away from his video game. Ollie is so absorbed in the video game Smash Tower that he doesn't notice that his sister and an ogre named Tim have emptied his room and constructed an obstacle course that mirrors the levels of the game in the yard. But a tell-tale red string leads him to the challenges. This comic is perfect for reintroducing kids to the fun of in-person play.  

Cover of I Did It!

A girl tries and tries again to learn to ride a bicycle and all her friends provide words of encouragement.

Cover of Pepper & Boo: Paws Up for
Mericle Harper

Pepper, Boo, and the Cat celebrate a special day with big and small things, cat and dog things, as well as inside and outside things

Cover of April & Mae and the Animal
Dowd Lambert
Briana Dengoue

April and Mae are best friends (and so are their pets). When they decide to help the new animal shelter with their own talents, Mae raises money to buy cat food with a lemonade stand and April writes a letter to the newspaper to encourage adoption.

Cover of See the Ghost: Three Stori
Mike Wohnoutka

It's not easy to enjoy a picnic when you have unseeable interlopers to contend with! In a new trio of stories for beginning readers, the affable Max the dog and mischievous Baby Cakes the cat encounter a scare-happy ghost who has a run-in with a mirror, the wind at its blustery best, and a teeny-tiny fairy with a wayward wand who may have met her match.

Cover of Nat the Cat Takes a Bath

Nat the Cat must take a bath. But first, he wants his toys. Then he won't get in the tub without bubbles. And of course, he'll need a towel. As Nat the Cat keeps coming up with excuses to not get in the bath, the narrator can't help but wonder if he's hiding something--like a fear of water

Cover of Kitty-Cam
Dan Yaccarino

A kitty documents its adventures around the house with an action camera.

Cover of Who Would Win?: Ultimate S
Rob Bolster

Sixteen small but MIGHTY sharks battle it out in a huge fight! Who will be the small shark champion? This nonfiction reader compares and contrasts 16 small but savage sharks. Readers will learn about each shark's unique features, behavior, and more. Then, compare and contrast the battling animals before finally discovering the winner!

Cover of Tacos Today
the Third

It's lunchtime for young El Toro and his friends--and each one is looking forward to a different kind of taco, their favorite! The luchadores take a break from their training and head into town to eat. When they count their lunch money and discover they don't have enough for tacos, they will have to work together on a creative, fun solution to earn plenty of dinero for a delicious all-you-can-eat spectacular! Flavored with Spanish phrases and topped with plenty of humor, this early reader graphic novel is essential for those who want an action-packed story and lots of laughs. 

Cover of Sprinkles and Swirls: A Co
Lola M.
Savannah Allen

Sprinkles and Swirls are ready to dive into their next sweet adventure! They cannot wait to visit the new pool and water park. Join them as they splash and slide into waves of fun!

Cover of The Frustrating Book!

Zoom Squirrel wants to feel brand new emotions. The Squirrel pals know just what to do! But what happens if Zoomy doesn't like these new feelings? Do you know more about feelings than the Squirrels do? You will by the end of this book!