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Parents as First Teachers

You already know the library works to promote early literacy. But did you know we've worked to build relationships with community partners to help bring those services to folks outside of the library, too?

In collaboration with Public Health of Madison & Dane County, the Parents as First Teachers program provides early literacy materials, training, and resources to public health staff to support conversations about the role parents play as their child’s first teacher, and the impact reading, singing, and playing has on child development.

Mar 23, 2018

New Community Members Make the Most of Library's Resources

Khurelbaatar and Erdentuya CIO

Khurelbaatar and Erdentuya's first visit to Alicia Ashman Library was just over a year ago. The couple had recently moved to Madison from Mongolia and hoped to apply for asylum. 

They were first greeted by one librarian who, having lived in Mongolia as a Peace Corps volunteer, offered up a traditional Mongolian greeting. The couple was pleasantly surprised to hear someone speaking their language, and staff were able to work with them to get the appropriate forms they would need to file.  With each trip to the library, Khurelbaatar and Erdentuya's questions for staff seemed to reflect their growing success. Helping people feel safe and welcome goes a long way - and all of us at Madison Public Library are grateful for the opportunity to work together in supporting new members of our community. 

Jan 2, 2018


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