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Learn to Bake with Punky Egan

Feb 2, 2024
Learn to bake with demos from local baker Punky Egan

Learn to bake with cooking demos led by Certified Master Baker Punky Egan at Lakeview Library! Punky will showcase how to make different breads and some sweet treats, as well. You'll learn about different cooking tools and techniques, as well as how to use base recipes to make a variety of products. These basic rules of baking will prep you for sweet success. 

Upcoming Demos: 

Chocolate ABC's

Saturday, February 17, 1-2pm | Lakeview Library

Let’s take the confusion out of chocolate. You’ll learn the difference between a 50% and 70% chocolate and how that affects the products you use them in. We’ll sample a variety of chocolates from different companies with different percentages. Maybe you’ll even find a new favorite chocolate!

Registration opens on February 3 at 9 a.m., two weeks prior to program date.

Braided Breads

Saturday, March 23, 1-2pm | Lakeview Library

In this demo you’ll learn how to braid 3, 4, and 5 strand breads practicing with ropes.  You’ll be walked through the steps on how to make a classic egg bread dough. These egg breads are not only beautiful to look at, but are delicious, too. Plenty of samples will be provided!

Registration opens on March 9 at 9 a.m., two weeks prior to program date.

Puff Pastry from Scratch

Saturday, April 20, 1-2pm | Lakeview Library

Puff pastry is a versatile dough that can be either sweet or savory. It’s used for such items as turnovers, crispies, palmiers, napoleons, cream horns, topping for pot pies, tartlets, and just about anything that needs a crust! Punky will demonstrate the technique to make the flakiest puff pastry and provide samples for the class.

Registration opens on April 6 at 9 a.m., two weeks prior to program date.

Cake Decorating Techniques

Saturday, May 18, 1-2pm | Lakeview Library

Piping as a cake decorating technique is not as hard as it looks. Using only a few pastry tips Punky will demonstrate a variety of borders, flowers, and even a rose. We’ll discuss types of icings and color brands. There will be decorated cupcakes for the class to sample.

Registration opens on May 4 at 9 a.m., two weeks prior to program date.

Register for classes by clicking the links above or by calling the library at (608) 246-4547. If classes fill up, you can call or email Lakeview Library [link sends email] to be added to the waitlist. 

About Punky Egan

Learn to bake at Lakeview Library with demos from local baker Punky EganPunky Egan earned the title of Certified Master Baker, one of less than 200 in the country, from the professional organization RBA (Retail Bakers of America). Through her 45-year professional baking career, she owned Sucré Patisserie and Dessert Lounge, was a consultant to the baking industry, and recipe developer. At Madison College, she was the director of the baking program as well as lead instructor. She co-authored 3 cookbooks, wrote baking articles for professional publications, created instructional baking videos for her baking students. She had a regular baking segment on a local TV station and was even on the Food Network! Learn more...