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Worlds away

Cover of Red, White and Royal Blue
A review of Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuistion

This is the book I'm going to be recommending to everyone in 2019- it's the delightful, funny, and very relevant story of Alex, the First Son of the US, and Henry, Prince of England and their journey from having a PR driven "friendship" to a real relationship and love. The story takes place a kind of alternate reality where a progressive female with biracial children has won the presidency. Her son, Alex, believes that he's meant to go into politics, and behind his seemingly party lifestyle, he works tirelessly to campaign and research in preparation for his mother's hopeful reelection. The only problem is his nemesis, Prince Henry of England, who seems to Alex to be snooty and rude. After they're photographed fighting with one another at a wedding, the two are forced into a "friendship" for the sake of publicity. To Alex's surprise, Henry is not what he seems at all, and they progress from being real friends to being something more. But because of their notoriety and political careers, the idea of a happy ever after for them is more complicated than it seems.

McQuiston is going to be an author to watch. Her writing is funny, powerful, and she does a great job of having a diverse group of characters, including people of color, LGBTQ characters, and lots of strong women. This book is such a breath of fresh air and a getaway from the real world's toxic political climate, and I'd be quite happy to live in the world McQuiston has created.

Mar 20, 2019