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Whose apple is it?

Cover of Mine!
A review of Mine! by Candace Fleming
Eric Rohmann

Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann have teamed up once again to make what may be my new favorite book for fall. There is one red apple at the "tip-tippy top" of an apple tree. Along comes Mouse who knows it will fall soon and be "mine", so she she hides under a leaf to wait. Before long, Hare spies the very same apple and can't wait to make it "mine". Fox, Deer, Bear soon follow along, all with the very same idea. What will happen when the apple finally plops to the ground?

The colorful block printing illustrations are charming. The one where Mouse imagines what it will be like when the apple is "mine" is just too cute! The fun language like, "A crisp, crunchy lunch. Every bite meant for me to nibble, nabble, munch!" make it perfect for reading aloud.  

Oct 13, 2023