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What a wonder

Cover of Where Wonder Grows
A review of Where Wonder Grows by Xelena González Illustrated by Adriana M. Garcia

"When Grandma walks to her special garden, we know to follow.This is the place where wonder grows and stories blossom."

Three young girls gather rocks and treasures - some filled with holes, some with shimmering crystals, and some shaped over years by water - and learn their histories, meaning, and uses from their grandmother, who teaches them that rocks are beings, alive with wisdom. The illustrations are gorgeous and feel just as magical and full of wonder as the story itself - it is no surprise that this book is the 2023 Pura Belpré Youth Illustration Award winner. A letter to the readers at the end tells about how this book was created and notes that the creators hope it will remind the reader of "the very special connection you have to your grandparents, your ancestors, and nature."

What a treat to read, and reread, this book.

Also available in Spanish: Donde las maravillas crecen

Mar 22, 2023