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We need a hero(ine)

Cover of Beyond the Empire
A review of Beyond the Empire by K. B. Wagers

The world had been pretty dark and depressing lately (especially if you're a woman) which has made me look for truly heroic characters in the books I'm reading. Happily for me K. B. Wagers' third in the Indranan War trilogy came out recently and I could once again dive into the adventures of Hail Bristol and her loyal band of supporters who are trying to save the empire.

Hail Bristol grew up in an imperial family but took off when she was eighteen to pursue a life of her own. After twenty years as a gunrunner (in space), she was brought back home as the last living heir to the Indranan Empire. Though she has struggled with her new role, Hail won't abandon her people, especially now that a military coup has toppled her government. She's in the fight to the death for her empire and throne and nothing is going to stop her - nor the ragtag team of people who will loyally follow her to the ends of space if that's what it takes.

Though Hail is the central figure (and a powerfully written one at that), this is an ensemble story. Each player is well written and developed and when deaths occur (as they do in battles) you feel each and every one. I loved this entire series and Wagers has done herself proud with this conclusion to the story. And luckily for me she has plans to write a new trilogy that will take Hail on new adventures. Squeeee!!! I can hardly wait.

If you want to start with book one of the trilogy, I reviewed it for MADreads a while ago so you can see how Hail's story started.

Dec 5, 2017