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Wanna know the secret jellyfish handshake?

Cover of Wisdom from a Humble Jelly
A review of Wisdom from a Humble Jellyfish And Other Self-Care Rituals from Nature by Rani Shah

If you want to know what the secret jellyfish handshake is, you'll have to read this book.

This is a charming illustrated guide to looking after oneself based on the wonders of the natural world. The author looks to the animals and plants around us to share valuable lessons on how to combat stress, anxiety, and potential burnout in what is described as a safari of self-care. Jellyfish, sloths, octopuses, avocado trees, sunflowers and vervet monkeys are just a few of the featured wildlife with mechanisms that help them adapt to the environment. Humans would benefit from adapting to their own environments in similar ways to avoid strain and fatigue.

The lessons learned are surprising. There are some seriously quirky creatures out there! Fun fact: wombats have cube shaped poop!  Who knew?  This is notable for how it transforms everyday perception of what is considered the norm. I'll be honest, the parasites chapter put me on edge, but overall I felt smarter and calmer after reading this book. I will forget to meditate. Again. But I feel more at one with nature. Caring for ourselves and the planet begins with awareness and this set me on the right path.

Sep 22, 2020