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Vets with a little something extra

Cover of Hex Vet: Witches in Traini
A review of Hex Vet: Witches in Training by Samantha Davies and Mike Fiorentino

What could be cuter than young witches training to be vets? Magical pets, that's what!

Nan and Clarion are apprenticed to veterinarian witches at Willows Whisper Veterinary Practice and things get a little wild when one of the supernatural creatures unexpectedly hypnotizes all animals within its gaze. It's up to the two apprentices to restore order to the clinic.

Hex Vet is a new graphic novel series from KaBOOM! that explores discovering your talent, nurturing the next generation and battling stereotypes. One of the apprentices has to overcome a family history of ill repute and choose her own path. It's not easy. 

There's plenty of room for thoughtful discussion and sharing with school age children. Stay tuned for Hex Vet #2, Hex Vet: The Flying Surgery when it's time for the monthly "Winged Creatures Clinic!" Expected publication in December 2019.

Aug 16, 2019