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A Very Punny Graphic Chapter Book

Cover of All Paws on Deck
A review of All Paws on Deck by Jessica Young

Haggis (a Scottish Terrier) and Tank (a Great Dane) are two very imaginative doggy friends.  They spend most of their time in a back yard, but sometimes they go on adventures in their minds.  In “All Paws on Deck” Tank decides to deck out their little red wagon as a pirate ship.  They sail off into a land of make-believe and have many adventures together!  The format for this book falls right between graphic novel (there are lots of full-color illustrations with speech bubbles) and chapter book (there are also blocks of text, though never more than a quarter of the space on a page is filled with a block of text), perfect for readers who get impatient, frustrated or distracted by too many words on a page.  The dialogue between the two dogs is chock full of (honestly quite funny) puns and the very back page has a few simple questions for the reader to check comprehension if you want to extend the learning just a bit.  This series has several titles already published and I’m really hoping there will be more adventures in the future with these two pups!

Oct 30, 2020