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Cover of The Unhoneymooners
A review of The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren's latest book is a hilarious story of two enemies who are forced to share a honeymoon package together in Hawaii. Olive Torres is her twin's exact opposite: Ami wins lots of paid contests, including several funding her entire wedding and honeymoon, while Olive is more likely to have disastrously bad luck. When some bad seafood sends practically the entire wedding to the hospital, Olive reluctantly agrees to use Ami's honeymoon package so as not to waste a nice vacation. There's a catch though: the groom's unfortunately healthy brother Ethan, who is Olive's worst enemy, is coming along as well. When a series of coincidences leads Olive and Ethan running into new bosses and old exes, the two are forced to pretend that they might not hate one another after all.

Christina Lauren just keeps getting better and better, and their writing seems so effortless and fun, so it’s always a blast to read them. I devoured this one in one sitting and caught myself laughing out loud to throughout the book. This is the perfect book to read if you enjoy enemies to lovers, or if you enjoy vicariously experiencing dream vacations :)

Apr 9, 2019