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Turn back now

Cover of The Collective
A review of The Collective by Alison Gaylin

Camille Gardner's life ended five years ago when her daughter died. The loss alone devastated her. But the lack of justice for her daughter has filled her with so much anger she doesn't have any room for anything else. And she has no outlet for all that rage. Until now. Alison Gaylin explores the depths to which someone might go in order to get justice (or is it revenge) and brings the reader along for the thrilling ride.

Camille's grief and anger cause her to lash out in public and by doing so she comes to the attention of the Collective, a secret group of women who share their feelings on the dark web and engineer a series of events that lead to murder. Or is it justice? At first the actions Camille takes seem, if not innocent, at least not dangerous. But each step taken gets her in deeper and soon it's too late. Camille is caught in a web of secrets and criminal acts and the Collective isn't willing to let her go. 

The moral ambiguities in this thriller help to raise the tension as readers will find themselves rooting for Camille to get revenge and for her to get out before it's too late.

Jul 11, 2023