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A treasure

Cover of Henry, Like Always
A review of Henry, Like Always by Jenn Bailey
Mika Song

Henry, like many children on the neurodivergent spectrum, loves routine. He likes knowing what to expect and things always being the same. But this week isn’t like always. On Friday, there will be a parade. A parade means a change in schedule, loud music, and no share time like always. Henry’s days this week just feel orange - his least favorite color. This sweet book is full of the small ups and downs of kindergarten life, told through Henry’s unique perspective. Follow Henry as he navigates these changes with the help of this teacher and friends to a reassuring conclusion. The 2024 winner for the Schneider Family Book Award for young readers for artistic expression of the disability experience for children, this book is a treasure for any young reader who struggles with a change in routine.

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Mar 1, 2024