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Through the woods, darkly

Cover of Through the Woods
A review of Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

This is a collection of five elegant and horrifying graphic short stories that take place in or around the woods. The stories included are "Our Neighbor's House," a chilling tale of three girls left all alone in a house; "A Lady's Hands Are Cold," about a young woman sent to live on an isolated estate with a husband she has not yet met; "My Friend Janna," featuring a girl who may or may not communicate with the spirit world; "The Nesting Place," a shocking twist on the The Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the popular online webcomic ""His Face All Red," presented for the first time in book form. Emily Carroll's illustrative style is bright and dark, drawing the reader in like a lit candle in a blackened room. This handsome book is perfect for savoring one tale at a time or in one sitting if you have a dull and gloomy afternoon or evening to fill (and with the snow and cold we have coming in the next couple weeks, now's your chance). It's seriously eerie and macabre: read before bed at your own risk.

Jan 22, 2019