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Thrilling is her game

Cover of The Split
A review of The Split by Sharon Bolton

Sharon Bolton is one of those writers who is always coming up with new ways to thrill. Her characters are always sharp and complicated and she doesn't ever seem to tell the same story twice. Thus we come to her newest, The Split, a thriller set at the remote Antarctic island of South Georgia where glaciologist Felicity Lloyd is too late to catch the last boat off the island before winter locks them in. And even worse, she's convinced her ex-husband (and stalker) has made it onto the island from that last ship and now she's trapped with him for possibly months to come. Add in a strange woman who is randomly attacking people and you have the set-up for a slowly building, dread-inducing, claustrophobic thriller.

I came at this book pretty cold (no pun intended) other than having the knowledge that Bolton is an excellent writer. And I'm glad I didn't know more. The twists and turns were truly surprising. So I won't tell you any more (and I suggest you don't seek out more information) so that you too can experience the surprises.

There is an audio version also available in Overdrive.


May 19, 2020