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The things you can do when you're invisible

Cover of Invisible
A review of Invisible by Christina Diaz Gonzalez
Gabriela Epstein

This middle grade graphic novel starts out with five Conrad Middle School students assigned to work in the cafeteria during the first period of the day to complete their yearly community service hours.  George, Sara, Dayara, Nico and Miguel have nothing in common.  All five are flying under the radar for different reasons and want to get their time cleaning up leftover school breakfasts and throwing out morning garbage over with as quickly and anonymously as possible.

Like a modern day Breakfast Club, the kids represent the brain, the loner, the jock, the tough kid and the rich kid.  Their life experiences are varied.  They do not know each other and aren't interested in getting to know each other.  In many ways they are invisible. 

While working the "breakfast shift" the kids meet someone who needs their help.  They must decide how to proceed and whether or not they are willing to risk getting in trouble.  By working together, they will reveal secrets about themselves that they may not be ready to share.  But making the choice to help could change lives.

Invisible is a thought-provoking and accurate portrayal of middle school students who aren't sure of themselves and aren't sure they want anyone to see who they really are.  The surprising conclusion is satisfying and heartwarming. 

Jun 14, 2024