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Is there ever an acceptable reason to "ghost" someone?

Cover of Ghosted
A review of Ghosted by Rosie Walsh

"Ghosting" according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. Several recent reports tout it as the new toxic behavior. It's cowardly, it's destructive and it doesn't resolve anything.  

Imagine that you have been building a relationship with someone and they disappear without a trace or warning. Wouldn't you think that something terrible has happened? That they've been injured or worse? In today's world of instant and silent communication via text, chat and social media, it has become commonplace. So much so that when Sarah's new love Eddie leaves England for a holiday in Spain and she doesn't hear back from him, her friends are not surprised. They tell her that she's been used. The guy is a jerk. It happens all of the time. She needs to move on. But Sarah can't or won't believe it. Sarah and Eddie instantly fell in love and spent time with each other talking about how to make their cross-continental romance work. They planned for Eddie's return. Eddie left something valuable with Sarah. She is confused and devastated. Something does not feel right.

What follows next is one of the most unexpected and heart wrenching family dramas I've read. Relationships with friends and family are precious and sometimes delicate. People grow apart. Accidents happen. And humans hurt each other. Do we face the tough times or do we hide from them? At its core, this is a novel about weathering life's storms by confronting the ghosts that haunt us.

Aug 29, 2018