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Taco Time!

Cover of Dragons Love Tacos 2: the
A review of Dragons Love Tacos 2: the sequel by Adam Rubin

I read a lot of picture books.  Sometimes I love a book for the book itself and other times I love a book for the way children react to it.  The first time I read "Dragons Love Tacos" I was not overly impressed.  But after reading it with individual children and at storytimes with kids from ages 3-8, and seeing how much they loved the book, I became a fan.  So, when I saw "Dragons Love Tacos 2 The Sequel" I had to read it.

In "Dragons love Tacos 2" we find our heroes in a time with no tacos (May 2017, according the the newspaper).  Luckily, there is a time machine in the garage, just waiting to be put to good use.  What if we go back in time to the taco party, save a few tacos, bring them home and plant a taco tree?  Then there would be tacos for everyone!

To be perfectly honest, as I sit here and read "Dragons Love Tacos 2" to myself, I am not overly impressed.  But I do recognize it has some potential for fun.  I will have to try reading it with kids and see how it goes.  Try reading it with your children and let me know how it goes.  If nothing else, it may solve the question of, "What's for dinner?"  Why, tacos of course!

Aug 4, 2017