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Summer sleuthing

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New Mysteries

What are you reading this summer? For the past couple of years I've been sharing a list of new mysteries that I am looking forward to - and here is the latest batch. I've already started checking off some on my summer mysteries list. I've met some new and some old familiar characters and am looking forward to meeting and catching up with some more. To get your started, if you like historical mysteries then check the The Darwin Affair  by Tim Mason. I enjoyed It. It's set in 1860 London and has assassination attempts on the royal family, murder, and intrigue. I hope Chief Detective Inspector Charles Field has another case to solve. Likewise, another good historical mystery series is the Lincoln and Speedwell series. We get to see Lincoln in action as a defense lawyer, Speedwell helping with the defense, and Lincoln courting Mary Todd. I look forward to their next adventure. What mysteries are you reading or are on your to-be-read list?

  • The Right Sort of Man by Allison Montclair [6/4] [new]
    character: detectives Gwen Bainbridge and Iris Sparks
    setting: 1946 London
  • The Darwin Affair by Tim Mason [6/11] [new]
    character: Chief Det. Insp. Charles Field
    setting: 1860 London
  • Almost Midnight by Paul Doiron [7/2]
    character: game warden Mike Bowditch
    setting: Maine
  • A House Divided by Jonathan F. Putnam [7/9]
    character: Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed
    setting: 1839 Springfield, IL
  • The Body in Griffith Park: An Anna Blanc Mystery by Jennifer Kincheloe [7/16]
    character: police matron Anna Blanc
    setting: 1908 Los Angeles
  • Bark of Night by David Rosenfelt  [7/16]
    character: lawyer Andy Carpenter
    setting: Paterson, New Jersey
  • Shamed by LInda Castillo [7/16]
    character: Sheriff Kate Burkholder​​
    setting: Amish Ohio
  • The Twice-Hanged Man by Priscilla Royal [8/6]
    character: Prioress Eleanor
    setting: 14th Century Wales
  • The Cold Way Home by Julia Keller [8/20]
    character: former prosecutor, now private detective Bell Elkins
    setting: West Virginia
Aug 5, 2019