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Cover of Saint's Gate
A review of Saint's Gate by Carla Neggers

I have been meaning to read the Sharpe and Donovan series by Carla Neggers for a long time, but somehow just didn't get to it. Well, now that I have read the first one (free e-book from the library) I will positively be getting more.

FBI agent Emma Sharpe gets a request from an old acquaintance regarding the authenticity of a piece of art, a specialty her family has long been involved in. Things get complicated when the acquaintance, a nun, is killed on convent grounds and the piece of art has disappeared. Add in another member of the FBI in the form of Colin Donovan, sparks fly and things get really interesting! I have now progressed up to book 5 and just want to add—be sure to read the series in order! There are a lot of intertwined threads and the books just get better and better.


Mar 4, 2021