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To the stars and beyond

Cover of Stars Beyond
A review of Stars Beyond by S. K. Dunstall

As with the first book in this series, Stars Uncharted (definitely start with that one first), this newest space opera from the Dunstall writing duo is a slow build. It requires the reader to settle into the universe and the science part of the science fiction being presented here, but the journey to the action-packed conclusion is worth it.

The crew of Another Road are back and facing even bigger danger and challenges than ever. Captain Roystan needs special genetic modification done and body modder Nika needs to get her hands on a genemod machine if she's going to save his life. The problem is the getting of the machine and the elements necessary to make the modifications and standing in their way is a Justice Department and the Company men who are tracking them across the galaxy with orders to stop them by any means necessary.

The point of view switches between chapters and characters and that's all to the good in setting up the crew and their antagonists. This SF has a found-family of characters that will appeal to Becky Chambers' fans. And the story is great too. But as I said, be sure to start with book one, Stars Uncharted. I also highly recommend their Linesman series (and yearn for a new one of those).

Feb 11, 2020