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Skills at the ready

Cover of The Ninja Daughter
A review of The Ninja Daughter by Tori Eldridge

In Eldridge's new series the main character is a Chinese-Norwegian ninja-trained woman who takes on the Ukranian mob in Los Angeles. Talk about cross-cultural! This is it. It's also action-packed and fast-paced and the perfect book to dive into if you're hunkered down during this polar vortex.

Lily Wong's sister was murdered before the novel begins and that horrendous crime had a life-changing impact on Lily. Prior to the murder she was a college student who studied the martial arts as a hobby. Since then she has dedicated her life to helping women in abusive or dangerous situations. Lily's efforts sometimes have her operating as a private investigator and at other times as a vigilante - depending on the circumstances. Both roles come into play in this novel. In one case Lily tries to get justice for a woman who has lost everything because of the accusation she made against a man. And in another, she's fighting to save a woman and her son from an abusive man. Along the way she runs afoul of the mob and a mysterious man who seems to be his own kind of vigilante.

I read this in a night and I can't wait to read book two in the series.

Feb 10, 2021