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Cover of Just Like Grandma
A review of Just Like Grandma by Kim Rogers
Julie Flett

This sweet story shares the special bond between Becca and her grandmother. Becca wants to be just like Grandma - she learns beading, dancing, painting, and develops a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature from her grandmother. In turn Grandma learns to be just like Becca, learning basketball moves and supporting Becca as she tries out for the team. This intergenerational story celebrates loving relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. The back includes a letter from the author, as well as an explanation of beadwork, and a glossary of terms. Although Native American Heritage month isn’t until November, today is Indigenous People's Day and it’s always the right time for a Native story celebrating families and love.

--reviewed by Melissa E.

You can learn beadwork, quillwork, basketweaving and more during a celebration of Native nations at Madison Public Library taking place October-December 2023. Learn more about Teejop & Beyond and sign up for programs.

Oct 9, 2023