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Revisit, re-listen or read aloud

Harry Potter cover
A review of #HarryPotterAtHome by

Pottermore has made it possible for the Wisconsin Digital Library to make copies of  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone available for unlimited checkouts with no waiting until April 30th. The titles are available through a title search and will be curated into the Always Available collection. Patrons of Overdrive libraries (which means all of you in Wisconsin) will be able to borrow the first book in the series to re-read for yourself, read aloud to your family or listen as you take a walk to enjoy some spring weather, erratic as it may be. Included in the offer are versions of the book/audiobook in over 20 languages. So if you've always wanted to hear Harry Potter in Icelandic or Arabic, now's your chance.

Apr 1, 2020