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Reading challenge for the new year

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Read Native 2021

The American Indian Library Association has created a reading challenge called Read Native 2021. You can find a printable reading tracker for adults and for kids along with suggested reading lists, which will be updated throughout the year by returning to the AILA site. 

To get started here are two Own Voices titles published in 2020.

The Barren Grounds by David Robertson
Aptly described as Narnia-esque, The Barren Grounds is book 1 in the Misewa Saga. Morgan and Eli, two Indigenous children forced to leave their families and communities, find Askia, an alternate world, through a portal in the wall of their foster-family’s attic. Askia is home to Misewa, a community in crisis, where winter has continued for years, and food has become dangerously scarce. Recommended for middle-grade to early middle school fans of Narnia, fantasy, nature, adventure and walking/talking animals.

Elatsoe by Darcie Little Badger
17 year-old Elatsoe has been named for her Lipan Apache six-great-Grandmother, and has inherited her namesake’s ability to raise ghosts. When her beloved cousin is murdered, his ghost visits Ellie in her dreams and names his killer. Great for teens and adults who like their mysteries with a supernatural twist and for anyone wanting to think more deeply about some of the present-day ramifications of settler colonialism.

Challenge yourself and let the reading begin.

Jan 6, 2021